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Frequently Asked Questions

What Ages Do You Entertain?

Children ages 3 and up tend to be the most receptive. Our performers are trained to interact with guests of all ages and abilities.
For parties with children who are too young to participate, we will not count them against a maximum guest total.

How Far Will You Travel?

We are based out of the Boys Town area in Omaha, NE.
20 miles: included 
21-30 miles: $10 fee
31-40 miles: $20 fee


If you think you might be outside our standard mileage range, provide your general location when submitting an inquiry and we can quote you a mileage fee.

When Should I Book?

The sooner we have your booking request, the better! When submitting a request, make sure to include as much info as possible.

Some characters are more popular than others, so their availability may be limited within two weeks or even a month of your party.

How Do I Confirm My Event?

Once we confirm character availability and send you a booking form, we allow a 72-hour grace period to return the form and submit your deposit or full prepayment.

If we do not receive a deposit and completed form back from you within that 72-hour period, your time slot may be released.

What Do I Need To Provide?

Please designate an area with ample space for activities like dancing and storytelling. This space should be clear of toys and furniture to avoid accidents.
If your package includes a craft and/or tea party, you will need a table with enough chairs for participating guests. You will also be in charge of providing the "tea" drink and any snacks you want. Or check out our catering add-on!

Should the Visit be a Surprise?

Each child is special, and some handle surprise better than others. If he or she has had difficulty in the past with character visits like Santa or Easter Bunny photos, it would be best to prepare them ahead of time.

When Will the Princess Arrive?

You will choose the character's arrival time during booking. We generally recommend giving guests at least 15 minutes to arrive prior to the princess's entrance; this way, we can ensure everyone has an opportunity to participate in all the fun activities we have planned!​

Will You Give Me a Schedule?

Of course! The week of your party, we will send you a detailed itinerary of our visit so you know what to expect. We are flexible, however; we can adjust the schedule ahead of time or on the fly as needed. Let us know if you need to make any adjustments and we will do our best to accommodate.

Will the Princess Remember My Child?

Our characters treat every child like a friend, but they meet hundreds of children each year. When submitting your booking request, please make a note of any past encounters, and be sure to include as much detail as possible. We will use this information to remind the princess before she arrives.

Can Boys Participate in the Princess Party?

The more the merrier! Our activities are designed to appeal to every guest, regardless of age or gender. We often see surprised parents when their little princes and super heroes sit down to make sparkly bracelets.

What if I Rent an Inflatable Bounce House?

To maximize the value of your visit, it may be a good idea to shut down the inflatable for the duration of our time at your party, instead of making children choose between activities. The noise and distraction  makes it very difficult for the character to be heard. 

For their safety, our characters are not allowed to enter bounce houses or trampolines.

When Do I Pay?

For most parties and events, we require a deposit to secure a booking and final payment the day of the event. For packages that do not include a Royal Attendant, we require a full prepayment or deposit to secure and remaining balance submitted prior to the characters' arrival.
If there is a balance due, the royal attendant will accept your final payment before the end of your event. Please use check or cash in a discreet envelope to avoid ruining any magic.

What Payment Types Can I Use.

We accept payment online via PayPal, using either a credit card or PayPal account with an associated bank account.​

We also accept money order or check by mail to our P.O. box. Please note that money order or check payments may take 7-14 days to process. 

I am a Party Planner. How do I Book for My Client?

We strongly prefer to work directly with clients themselves. This helps to ensure that the experience can be as personalized as possible. We understand, of course, that planning a grand party is challenging, and not always a solo job! We will require confirmation from the host before final booking.

Can I Hire From Multiple Companies?

If you are considering hiring multiple character entertainers, it is highly recommended to alert all parties to ensure there is complete communications. 

Of course, we have a huge selection of characters and are always adding more; looking for a character we don't offer? With enough time, we may be able to invite them to the castle - just ask a Fairy Godmother!

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