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Serving Omaha, NE & Surrounding Areas Since 2013

Formerly Known as Real Princesses of Omaha

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All characters are inspired by classic and beloved stories and are not affiliated, licensed, or associated with any corporation or trademark. 

It is not our intention to violate any copyright laws.  

Should you have the need for a licensed, copyrighted character at your event, we

encourage you to contact the company/copyright holders for your specific character.

© 2019 by Cup & Saucer Princess Parties all rights reserved

P.O. Box 261  Boys Town, NE 68010

Frequently Asked Questions

What age group do you specialize in entertaining?

Children ages 3 and up tend to be most receptive to visits with their favorite characters. For parties with children who are too young to participate, we will not count them against a maximum guest total.

How far will you travel?

We are based out of the Boys Town area in Omaha, NE. We do not charge mileage for parties within 20 miles of this area. 21-30 miles: $10 fee,  31-40 miles: $20 fee,  40+ miles: $60 fee

If you think you might be outside our standard mileage range, provide your general location when submitting an inquiry and we can quote you a mileage fee.

When should I book?

The sooner we have your booking request, the better! When submitting a request, make sure to include a top 2 or 3 list of characters as well as ideal date and time of arrival.

Some characters are more popular than others, so their availability may be limited within two weeks or even a month of your party.

What should I provide?

For packages that include a tea party, please provide "tea" drink and goodies to be served as well as a table with enough seating for each guest. (Our characters prefer to stand and walk around, so seating for them is not necessary.) This table can double for craft activities as well.

For all visits, including shorter visits that do not include craft and tea service, please designate an area with ample space for activities like dancing and storytelling.

Should the visit be a surprise?

Each child is special, and some handle surprise better than others! At the very least, it may be a good idea to let the birthday child know to expect a special guest on their big day.

If you would prefer a call from the princess prior to her big entrance, please let us know the week of your party so we can prepare.

When will the princess arrive?

We generally recommend giving guests at least 15 minutes to arrive prior to the princess's entrance; this way, we can ensure everyone has an opportunity to participate in all the fun activities we have planned!​

Please keep this in mind when providing your ideal time of arrival.

Should parents be present during the visit?

Parents do not need to be present at all times, but do need to be accessible if necessary. We ask that you do not venture too far from the party. Some children may ask or need to be excused, so keep close by just in case.

Will you provide a schedule for the visit?

Of course! The week of your party, we will send you a detailed itinerary of our visit so you know what to expect. We are flexible, however; we can adjust the schedule ahead of time or on the fly as needed. Let us know if you need to make any adjustments and we will do our best to accommodate.

Will the character remember my child if they've met before?

The princesses treat every child they come across as an old friend. Keep in mind, they meet hundreds of children each year, so they might not remember your little prince or princess right away! When submitting your booking request, please make a note of any past encounters, and be sure to include as much detail as possible. We will use this information to remind the princess before she arrives.

Do boys enjoy princess parties?

The more the merrier! Our activities are designed to appeal to every guest, regardless of age or gender. We often see surprised parents when their little princes and super heroes sit down to make sparkly bracelets.
Ultimately, it's wise to use your best judgment when inviting classmates and family members who may not be as receptive to a princess party.

Will the princess jump in the inflatable I rented?

Most of our princesses arrive to parties dressed in their best gowns, and although they love to have fun, for safety reasons, we cannot promise our characters will enter any bounce houses or trampolines. In fact, to maximize the value of your visit, it may be a good idea to shut down the inflatable for the duration of our time at your party. The noise and distraction often creates an unnecessary amount of chaos and confusion that detracts from the princess experience.

How do we handle payment?

For most parties and events, we require a deposit to secure a booking and final payment the day of the event. For packages that do not include a Royal Attendant, we require a full prepayment or deposit to secure and remaining balance submitted prior to the characters' arrival.

What payment types do you accept?

We accept payment online via PayPal, using either a credit card or PayPal account with an associated bank account.​

We also accept money order or check by mail to our P.O. box. Please note that money order or check payments may take 7-14 days to process. Balances due on arrival may be paid in cash or check. Our characters and assistants do not carry cash and will not provide change for cash payments. Tips are appreciated and will go directly to the cast members attending your event.

Will the character and assistant accept a tip/gratuity?

Our characters and Royal Assistants do not expect tips or gratuity, but if you feel their performance has gone above and beyond your expectations, they will accept a tip. Cash or check is best, but it can also be included with your PayPal invoice; if you have already paid your invoice, you may use our address

I am an event planner representing a client.
May I book on behalf of them?

We strongly prefer to work directly with clients themselves. This helps to ensure that the experience can be as personalized as possible. We understand, of course, that planning a grand party is challenging, and not always a solo job! If you plan to utilize the services of an event planner, please contact us directly to let us know and we will happily help create the most magical event possible.

What if I want to utilize multiple services for my party? (Entertainers, 
face painters, balloon twisters, caterers, etc?

As a small business ourselves, we love working with local companies, and fully encourage you to do so as well! Keep in mind that we offer many services to help add the finishing touches to your party, including dessert catering and custom invitations. If you are considering hiring multiple character entertainers, it is highly recommended to alert all parties to ensure there are no duplicated characters, as this could ruin the magic. Of course, we have a huge selection of characters and are always adding more; looking for a character we don't offer? With enough time, we may be able to invite them to the castle - just ask a Fairy Godmother!

What other tips/suggestions can you provide?

Balloons on a mailbox or a specially marked entrance are very reassuring for a traveling princess.

Ballgowns get very hot, very quickly! If you have control of the temperature at your party, we ask that you keep it on the cool side for the comfort and safety of both your guests and our characters.

Please let us know if you intend to have an outdoor party. During the hot summer months, we limit outdoor visits to no more than 30 minutes and the performance area must be shaded. This is for the safety of our cast and we appreciate your understanding.

We reserve the right to include a costume maintenance fee for outdoor parties.