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Why Do I Need A Professional Princess?

This is a question we hear often in the entertainment industry. Let us explain.

Frozen Princess Elsa Hero  birthday parties and fairy tale events in Omaha Nebraska by professional children's character entertainers.

Your little one's birthday is coming up and they're obsessed with a certain princess or super hero. You've decided that you want to make their dreams come true by inviting her favorite character to her special day. Good choice!

But party planning is stressful, and keeping twelve 6-7 year-olds happy for the whole party seems impossible. Don't stress! Hire a professional children's entertainer to carry the weight for you. 

1. We Take Fun Seriously

After seeing all the movies, reading all the stories, and singing all the songs; it can be hard to live up to the hype of a character. Party guests will often arrive in their favorite princess dress or super hero cape. When the children are so excited, you can't run the risk of letting them down.

Our talented cast includes professional local actors who have performed at The Blue Barn Theatre, The Rose Theatre, and more. We also pride ourselves on employing cast members with extensive backgrounds in childcare, up to and including school teachers and camp counselors. We also have regular meetings where the cast gets together to practice character mannerisms and voice. From the moment our characters step from their carriages, to when they return to them after your event; they are in character.

Our characters' outfits are created by professional seamstresses and designers. One of our seamstresses has worked with the Omaha Ballet in their costume shop, and another has run a costume shop of her own for over 5 years. Every detail matters to us.

Belle E.jpg

2. It Relieves Stress On You.
Without a professional entertainer at your party, you (the parent) have to take on the herculean task to make the party come together. You’ll have to go grocery shopping, make food, prepare gifts, and most of all oversee a lot of kids who are hyped on sugar and adrenaline. It’s simply something you don't have to deal with. Hire us to keep the kids occupied and you’ll have your work cut in half.


If you hire a princess party performer, you’ll have nearly nothing to do once the party is started. That is valuable time to rest and enjoy the party you worked so hard to plan. Having the kids distracted by the performing birthday party character is the best way to have them in one room, and away from the birthday cake or cookies that are meant for later.  

3. They only turn _ once.

No matter what age your child is turning, they're only going to do it once. This is an event to celebrate and make memories. Inviting a princess, superhero, or mermaid not only gives you bragging rights as a parent for a job well done; but we guarantee your little one will talk about the time their favorite character came to their party for months. Give your child the best by choosing Cup & Saucer.

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